10 things I’ve learnt during lockdown

1. I thought I was a patient person, but home learning has proven otherwise. I’m much more Miss Trunchbull than Miss Honey!

2. Being able to squeeze my family and friends was completely taken for granted in the past.

3. My kids eat A LOT! How did one weekly food shop ever last one week?

4. I spend 80% of my Zoom calls saying “No, you go”, or “What was that?”.

5. My children never come after the first time of asking (although I did know this before!) Third time and I feel like I’m Mum of the Year!

6. Tidying up takes MUCH longer than the actual activity you’ve planned for your child.

7. Daily walks mean more. We sniff flowers and breathe in the fresh air, rather than rushing back for an activity we used to think was essential.

8. I’ve been housebound for 10 weeks, yet I still haven’t had time to clean the kitchen cupboards.

9. Working out what day of the week it is takes more brain power than working out my 7 year-old’s fractions.

10. I need a lot less to be happy. Lockdown has proven it doesn’t matter what we have or where we go. All that matters is who we’re with.

Emma Gandey elk99@hotmail.com 07855470089


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