Children… Why three is my magic number

I was the proud owner of two happy and healthy girls, work was going well, we had a lovely house and life was ticking along just fine.

But there was just one teeny tiny little thing in the back of my mind that just wouldn’t go away…

The URGE to have a third baby.


“Why would you want three?”, people would say. I’d have to get a new car, new house and a new body apparently! But although i knew two’s company and three’s an army, i kind of liked the idea of having my own little army marching around.

Decision made

The hubby, who was obviously going to be playing quite a large role in this decision was the next obstacle as he was more than happy with our family of four. However, after endless nights of talking (persuading!), we decided to go for it (he gave in!).

Feeling complete

After a few little hitches, we were blessed to find out we were expecting a healthy boy. From the moment we saw his little legs and arms bobbing away at the scan, there was an overwhelming feeling that our family was complete.

Nine months down the line and here are just a few of the things I’ve learnt since having three lovely little humans in my life…

  • Our house is more chaotic, but more fun.
  • You can’t wait for them to all be in bed, but miss them when they sleep.
  • You don’t take your third to every class under the sun – yes, they do learn to speak without going to Baby Signing every week!
  • Someone always wants to be fed, watered, played with or cuddled, but the older ones learn to be more helpful – yes, it is possible!
  • When one child is out, you’ll wonder what on earth you moaned about when you just had two.
  • The older ones don’t get all the attention like before, but you’ll find comfort knowing you’ve given them a playmate for life.
  • You’re NEVER EVER alone, but you know you’ll miss it when they’re 18.
  • You feel exhausted and tested, but then your proudest and happiest.

Three is definitely my magic number.

The hubby got the boy he never thought he needed, I can’t take my eyes off of the three of them together and the girls adore every single bone in his body.

Thank goodness i went with my heart and not my head.

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2 thoughts on “Children… Why three is my magic number

  1. Hi Emma and Ben. Loved your blog. Just a couple of things. Most importantly – have a fourth. I have three gorgious girls, but I always regret not having a fourth, boy or girls. There is always an odd one left out. Yes, we stopped mainly for financial reasons, as you say new house new car (sadly I never did get the new body). Also, don’t worry about what you will do when they get to 18. I thought it would break my heart to see them go to parts of England that I called the Third World to go to Uni, but it was wonderful to watch them stetch their wings and meet lovely new people and discover new horizons. It’s all a wonderful adventure. Enjoy. Mary Forlenza – love to you all Andrew congratulations.


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