Life got too busy

Life got too busy, there was so much to do,

But how could the washing have been more important than you?

“Look at this mummy”, “I want you to play”…

“In a minute darling” was all I would say.

“Put your shoes on”, “quick, get in the car”…

I’d gone from fun mum to the bossiest by far!

Rushing you here and hurrying you there,

Three weeks in lockdown proved it just wasn’t fair.

You don’t need the cinema, the farm or soft play,

You just need me to be present every single day.

I want to give you everything, which isn’t a crime,

But all you ever really want is my time.

These weeks have been a joy and sometimes a struggle,

They’ve been fun-packed and they’ve been a juggle.

We’ve played, we’ve giggled, we’ve had the best time,

Thankfully for us, life has been just fine.

It’s been a challenge, but you’ve kept me sane,

And it’s been a pleasure getting to know you again.


Emma Gandey

07855 470089



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